Stephanie Kim

Stephanie is a graphic designer originally from the Bay Area of California, currently practicing in Chicago and binging nature documentaries about everywhere else.

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MOR’s contibutions to orthpedics–developing key surgical procedures and putting out notable research–is reminiscent of the Roman’s impact on architecture, constantly innovating new ways to mend the natural architecture of the human body.

MOR’s new brand brings together this legacy, sense of stature, and tie to natural structure.

A new name, a new tagline, a new look–Lightways wanted a simpler, inviting website and an exciting brand launch video to reintroduce themselves to their audience.

The Brooklyn Book Festival (BBF) is not only an educational space, but one that is inclusive and community-driven. To better convey the community aspect of this event, the visual identity was repositioned around the idea of interpretive reading. Literal and implied styles of construction make up the custom BBF typeface–just as they do in a good book.

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Various illustrative pieces