Imports & Eggsports

Infographic Print

The 1963 Chicken Tax involved the U.S, Germany, chickens, and ...trucks? Our team was tasked with outlining the events surrounding the tax and presenting evidence of the repercussions of its implementation. All of this was to be done in a legible, visually organized way.

This project was completed in a team of three. My main roles in creating this infographic included research, developing the main graph and circular timeline, drafting and editing copy, and overlooking print production.



Circular Motif

We opted to use circles as the foundation of our visual language, alluding to not only the shape of tires and eggs, but the cyclical nature of trade as well.



Graph construction

The central graph is constructed from two curved bar graphs. Both are the same format, with the blue oriented at an angle to achieve the overall circular shape of the structure. The yellow graph deals with U.S. chicken exports to Germany while the blue addresses the number of German Volkswagen cars in the U.S. The horizontal midline acts as the "border" as trade proceeds between the two countries